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An Eathan O’Bryant Mission

“I have a long history of helping young men and women succeed and now I am on a mission to team up with people like you that can directly help take “helping youth” to another level.  So many kids just need that guidance, opportunity or resource to completely change their life to accomplish so much more.  Let’s team up and be the most dynamic charity whose success will only be measured by their success.”

Eathan has successfully raised funds through a “kick off” dinner, reaching out to various foundations and individuals who support youth in pursuit and TeenDad.com.



Who We Help

Youth In Pursuit is truly dedicated to any opportunity to build a “youth” success story.  However, our main area of Focus is on Young Fathers through the website TeenDad.com.

So many young fathers just need a resource and guidance to make life changing decisions early on to get/stay involved.  Our goal is to provide those resources to help them help themselves, be great Fathers and ultimately impact multiple generations.

We strongly believe in the potential of all youth.  We do not base our help on family income levels, race, color, preferences, etc.  Youth of all backgrounds have unique challenges and needs.  We simply want to make a positive, life altering impact for as many youth as possible.  

About Eathan

Eathan O’Bryant is a former Harlem Globetrotter and University of Nevada great.  He now serves his community on several committees including Renown’s Health Board, Renown’s Finance and Investment Committee, Nevada State’s Physical Therapy Board, Nevada Military Support Alliance and The University of Nevada’s Athletic Association Board.  In addition,  He has coached several hundred young athletes along their journey.  To his credit, he has helped over 100 participants get into college, many with scholarship help.

How We Help

Coaching and Mentoring

Our goal is to help in a variety of directions with a group of talented staff who focus on positive messages, providing financial opportunities, support resources and connections to get started in life, especially as a Teen Dad. 

We operate much like a typical business, but unlike a business seeking profitability, we seek ways to accumulate “Youth” success stories!

Youth In Pursuit



phone (775)851-1493